Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Which T-shirt should I buy?

T-shirts have came a long way since it first got popular in 1932, it went from being and under shirt to casual wear, Wikipedia has a a great article that goes in greater detail history of the T-shirt. (Link) In this blog i wanted to discuss the custom t-shirt for commercial, promotional and sport wear printing.

Your first visit to T-shirt is essential to narrow down which type of shirts fits your needs. What is the most important feature you want in a T-shirt. The common answer I get 9 out 10 would always say a t-shirt that would hold well in washing. Expect to get 3-6 worth of regular washing out of most T-shirts. The life cycle of a shirt will depend on how you are using the custom t-shirt and where you will be using the custom T-shirt.

Every customer will be using custom T-shirt differently and in different weather conditions. A 5.5 Oz 50/50 T-shirt for every day casual and indoors wear. If you are planning to wear it outside often, then you might want to take a step up and get the 5.5 Oz 100% cotton T-shirt, this will help you absorb sweat in hot climate. If you will be doing a lot of physical work like carpenters, oil fields, landscaping etc, then I would recommend getting the Beefy T-shirts;100% ring-spun cotton long sleeve Beefy T-shirts to protect you arms. The Beefy T-shirt feel very soft and holds very well labor intensive activities. The beefy T-shirt does shrink quite a bite; however mostly upwards since it ring-spun cotton, estimated to be 3% horizontally only.

The best custom T-shirt for the money in my opinion is the Gildan 2000 T-shirt, it is heavy weight T-shirt like the beefy, weighing at 6.1 oz, and it is 100% cotton pre-shrunk; plus it is priced between beefy T-shirt and standard 50/50 T-shirt. Like the beefy T-shirt the Gildan 2000 T-shirt comes in 27 different colors, before you get too excited some colors are harder to find in stock through out the year than others. I have had great luck with the Gildan 2000 overall, custom T-shirts come out very vibrant and sharp while maintaining a relatively decent budget. However, it is not substitute for beefy when it comes to physical labor.

Here is the simple Table to help you determine which T-shirt suits you best,

Type of Shirt Recommended
5.5 oz 50/50 Hanes T-shirt (5170) Affordable

Promotional Giveaway

In-Door Wear
Heavy Weight 5.5 100% Hanes Tshirt (5280) Out-Door
6.1 oz Gildan (2000) High-End Promotional Giveaway

Sharp Logo or where you are judge by your image

Wide Variety of colors (check stock)
Beefy T-shirts Labor work (Landscape, Ac repair) long sleeve

Wide Variety of colors

Cold Outdoors.

Kamel Takla


Quality Printing at Best Price

Hip HOP Style Large Size T-shirts

Hip Hop has been in for while, and has left a prevailing mark on how music followers are dressing today. Pants below waist, T-Shirt hanging like curtains, I can go on for ever. The reality artist are dictating of the fashion today.

So it is no suprise on a weekly basis I get at least one customer asking me, "where do I get big shirts, the type of T-shirts with 3X or 5X or 6X?" Most of these customers barely make it to size large.

The kind of T-shirt I would recommend is the Beefy T-shirt. They are 100% combed cotton, so there a relative shrinkage, however they are one fo the few that stretch out in size to 6X and you have a good chance of find them in stock.

Beefy T-shirt

Aquatic Blue


Athletic Orange

Bimini Blue





Carolina Blue

Chamois Yellow

Charcoal Heather

Deep Forest

Deep Navy

Deep Red

Deep Royal

Denim Blue


Gold Nugget


Heathered Blue

Heathered Brown

Heathered Green

Heathered Orange

Ice Grey

Kelly Green

Light Blue

Light Steel






Pale Pink






Stonewashed Blue

Stonewashed Green


Texas Orange

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