Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Koozies Printing in 5 business days to Houston, Woodlands and

HoustonPrint is Best website for getting custom koozies online.
5 day rush free!

Serving the areas of Houston, Katy and The Woodlands texas.

Beverage Hold - Bottle
Bottle Holders and Sleeves made from Foam & Neoprene
Four Color Process
Dye Sublimation Now Available! We can imprint full color graphics on a number of items.
SOCKiT - Fabric Cover
High Stretch Fabric Case for Cameras, iPods, Blackberry Devices, Phones, etc
Designer Collection
Designer Sleeve, Professional Bag, Portfolio Sleeve
Bottles - Sport & Bike
Bike, Sports & Foam Insulated Bottles
Cups - Stadium & Foam
Stadium, Steins, Styrene, & Styrofoam Cups
Tumbler - Various
Stainless Tumblers and Insulated Plastic Tumblers
Bottles - Polycarbonat
Quencher, Mautilus, Oasis
Bottles - Stainless
Stainless bottles
Coffee Wrap - Foam
Foam wraps allow easy handling of your warm beverage
Frisbees & Flying Disc
Plastic or Nylon Frisbee
Key Chains & Carabiner
Bottle Openers, Tape Measures, & Mini Tool Kits
Coffee, Freezer, Monster, Thermal, & Travel Mugs
Personal Items
Mirror, Comb, Brush
Steins - Plastic
Plastic Steins
Bottle Openers
Clips - Magnetic/Bag
Magnetic Clips - Plastic
Computer Tools
USB Ports and Screen Cleaners
Office-School Items
Pens, Calculators, Notepads, & Letter Openers
Tools & Tool Kits
Portable Screw Driver Sets
Home Accessories
Pill Boxes
Luggage Tags
Mitts - Lint & Screen
Lint Mitt & Screen Mitt
Tape Measures
Tape Measures - Plastic
Non-Catalog Items
28oz Lexan Water Bottle, Venture Flask Bottle, Kar Kaddy, 14oz Optima
Beverage Hold - Bottle

Product Name+ Price Details
Arctic Sleeve Arctic Sleeve As Low As $1.02 Product Details
Bottle Frio Sock Bottle Frio Sock As Low As: $0.89
On Sale from: $0.99

Product Details
Guitar Long Neck Bottle Sleeve Guitar Long Neck Bottle Sleeve As Low As $1.09 Product Details
Long Neck Bottle Sleeve Long Neck Bottle Sleeve As Low As: $0.97
On Sale from: $0.99

Product Details
Neoprene Zipper Bottle Holder Neoprene Zipper Bottle Holder As Low As $2.25 Product Details
Scuba Bottle Bag Holder Scuba Bottle Bag Holder As Low As $2.49