Thursday, February 18, 2010

PNG Apparel on Sale.

P220 Baby Pique Knit Sport Shirt
P280 Jersey Knit Sport Shirt with Tipped Trim
P305 Pima Pique Sport Shirt
P306 Sensor Cool™ Jacquard Knit Sport Shirt
P311 Micro Pima Two-Tone Jacquard Sport Shirt
P313 Vertical Texture Sport Shirt
P314 Micro Pima Tonal-Stripe Sport Shirt
P315 Pique Jersey Texture Sport Shirt
P316 Fine Knit Pima Interlock Sport Shirt
P317 Micro-Pique Long Sleeve Mock Neck
P318 Dry Fiber Dynamics® Jacquard Sport Shirt
P381 Textured Sport Shirt with Inset Side Panels
P382 Drop-Needle Sport Shirt
P430 Dry Fiber Dynamics® Jacquard Sport Shirt with UV Protection
P440 Dry Fiber Dynamics® Sport Shirt with Tipped Collar
P445 Dry Fiber Dynamics® Jersey Jacquard Sport Shirt
P450 Striped Argyle Sport Shirt with Jacquard Trim
P485 Silk Ottoman Sport Shirt
P490 Pima Interlock Sport Shirt
P501 Dry Fiber Dynamics® Chevron-Tipped Sport Shirt
Ladies Knits
Men’s Knits
LP220 Ladies Baby Pique Knit Sport Shirt
LP305 Ladies Pima Pique Sport Shirt
LP318 Ladies Dry Fiber Dynamics ®
Jacquard Sport Shirt
LP501 Ladies Dry Fiber Dynamics ®
Chevron-Tipped Sport Shirt
P906 Hooded Parka
P907 Colorblock Parka
P912 Club Jacket
P915 Textured Shell
Limited Stock - Order Now!
Feb 22 - MAR 5, 2010
23333 Aldine Westfield
Spring, TX 77373
(281) 353-4646
(281) 288-6020

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