Thursday, November 8, 2007


Pen writing UBS From PS3 , Sidekick and IPHONE and IPOD,everyone talks about kids being geeky, they are not alone. My father must have accumulated many gift from me over the years, 6 ties, and a mountain of books; that doesn't include the ones that didn't make it to the refund. However, this year I think this will changed. I am planning to buy him something I would have never thought I would buy for a father, something digital.

Dads today are more geeky than ever, Internet is replaced their TV and email has replace the voice machine. Dad has an email, a Cellphone and impressively enough can work a blue tooth ear piece. Skimming through the mall most gifts are either too complex or just perfect paper weights. Searching online, I came across a product would be guaranteed star, I found a stylish pen my friend told me about.

This black stylish pen comes with finger grips at the tips and head twist for easy open and close.
Once you put it in your hand, you will noticed the increase weight on the back. The fulcrum between the front and back makes it easy to rest between the 2 fingers. The pen has a secret that makes it irritable to any geeky father. The pen can carry thousands of documents, medical records, files and even thousand of image anywhere hidden inside of pen. Why didn't anyone think of that??

Picking up the pen for the first time, it felt like an ordinary pen, unless someone tells you the secret.

The center of it twist open, where back pops out, with the top part as your USB 2.0 plug. The USB hard drive comes in 2 sizes 2G, 4G.

To my great surprise the ink drive is very durable and light weight for something that stealths an electronic device. The metal hard cover make it undeniably durable, that keeps it protected in the pocket. The pen is sealed tightly, it takes several twists to finally open the pen.
This makes the ideal gift for pen verse geek verse style.

To buy from Ad-A-Print starting at $99.99 includes 2 lines of engraving. check out,